Kapag pinipigil ang luha, nakakabigat sa loob.


"A child make a coffee for daddy but it pour onto the blueprint daddy’s working on. Daddy yelled at the child. But later daddy realized child just wanted daddy to be happy and proud"

A child is never been perfect. Because no one is. But a child will always wanted to make papa and mama proud it’s just sometimes they did some mistakes, but child’s care for mama and papa and for the family will also lies within.

Yeah. I do care.

"Sorry" The hardest word I couldn’t say to those people I unintentionally hurt. I can’t not because of pride, but because of tears.



Can’t I just run away?

Can’t I just leave this messed up life?


Why is it so hard?


Why is it so sad?


Take me with you.


It is often said that your family is your great supporter in everything you love to do. But why is it I don’t feel that way? I’m trying hard to do the best that I could especially on studies, but at some point I can’t explain it to them and they can’t even understand that sometimes it’s really hard to push yourself into something your heart don’t feel. And still I’m giving the best 100 % but it wasn’t enough. It is and will never been enough. It’s tough and saddening. 

I’m hoping for that one person not to tell me that everything I’m doing right now is just a waste of time, that person appreciates all my activities where I put my self into and can probably said, “Yah you’re doing that? I’m so proud of you.”

But no one.

And it’s Sad.